Saturday, 5 October 2013

Best Friends Forever.

 I’ve been back at uni for 3 weeks now, and let me tell you, it has been AMAZING. I’ve loved being back and seeing all the crew, having cute times with my fabulous housemates, partying at everyone’s new houses (and occasionally the union or our beloved Lizard) and generally settling into another year we’re hoping will be even better than the last.

Yet I’m going to be honest, I miss my best friend. We spent masses of time together over the summer and now it seems strange to separated again…but what I found really strange was the reaction of various people I caught up with over summer when they heard/saw we were still as inseparable as ever. People were shocked, as though this was really unexpected.

“You two are still best friends? That’s so cute.”

“Wow it’s like nothing’s changed with you guys, crazy!”

But nothing has changed. Not really, we still tell each other everything – including the things it would probably be better for no one to be able to hold over our heads – and we still have a tendency to drink too much, embarrass ourselves, have drunken heart to hearts and then relive it all the next morning. In some ways, we’re exactly the same as we were two years ago when we left school. In other ways though, everything is completely different. We have both gone off and done very different things. She’s starting her third and final year of her law degree. I took a year out, travelled and am now back for year two. We’re both very different people to who we were two years ago, but why is there an assumption that this means we wouldn’t still be besties?

I appreciate that for many people, university is where they feel they really find ‘their people’ and make the friends who will stay with them for life. And I have met the most amazing people here who are some of my closest friends and I’m sure will continue to be so. But why should that mean that I am no longer as close with school friends. Granted, there are a lot of people who I have lost contact with or only really see in group situations now, but there are also people who I’m just as close to – if not even closer to – now as I was when we left.

If I gave up on the friends from my schooldays I’d have no one to remind me of THAT bob and THOSE braces, no one to laugh about the guys we liked and what’s become of them, the parties we went to when two WKDs were enough to see you through the night and you giggled in the back of the car when dad picked you up at half 12. No one else would remember the teachers we traumatised and the ones who traumatised us. No one else can update me on what’s become of so-and-so and who’s doing what these days. The friends you grow up with have the unique quality of being able to get every little reference you make and laugh at every private joke or memory, even if it was two years ago, or four, or way back when in Year 7 when you first started ‘big school’.

And I know that when you’re all back at uni it’s hard to keep in touch, but for your best friends, the ones who just ‘get’ you, it doesn’t matter if you can’t Skype or you forget to reply to a text because when exams finish in June and you head home for summer, it all just clicks into place. It really is like you’ve never been apart.

So don’t think it’s “crazy” or “cute” or unusual that we’re still BFFs, because in case you didn’t know that stands for Best Friends Forever.
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