Sunday, 26 May 2013


Ok so apologies for being gone for sooooo long, my excuse is revision and exams and consequently the absence of any excitement from my life! But exams are done and dusted, my first year of university is complete so what better way to unwind than a week in the south of France with my family and best friend!

Sian soaking up the sunshine
We had a girly road trip down yesterday and Siân, mumma and I managed to navigate our way the whole length of France and arrive in one piece in Colombiers. The boys joined us today, training it down on the Eurostar so after soaking up the sun by the pool we headed to Avignon to explore before meeting them at the station!

Avignon was beautiful: the sun was shining which really showed the incredible sandstone buildings off to the best. It boasts "the best example of 14th century French architecture" and really is beautiful! We also managed to find an amazing ice cream shop - personally it doesn't feel like a holiday until I'm eating an ice cream in the sunshine!

We headed to the stunning sandstone Palais de Papes and explores the amazing hilltop gardens with stunning views across the Rhône.

Sian wears ASOS top and Boohoo skirt

I wear Zara top, skirt and sandals

We then meandered down to the river's banks to walk the famous(?!) Pont d'Avignon, where I battled the wind to maintain some dignity with many a Marilyn moment!

Our Titanic moment on the bridge
After our fill of culture and ice cream we found our way to the station to pick up our weary travellers and return to our gite for dinner and rest before the adventures continue tomorrow! 

Monday, 6 May 2013

May ballin'.

We love a good ball up here and Sunday night was the night of THE ball. May Ball. The gentlemen of the Kate Kennedy Club threw the perfect party to end the year with!

Vish in Karen Millen with Chanel bag
Imogen in French Connection

French Connection dress and Dune shoes

I love any excuse to dress up and this was a good one! I just love spending a whole afternoon getting ready with the girls (and Edwin) and seeing everyone looking so beautiful!

I wear ASOS dress
Lucy wears Needle & Thread dress from ASOS

ASOS dress, Accessorize clutch, New Look wedges
There was dancing and DJs, fairground rides and food trucks and oh so many beautiful dresses and many a man in a kilt! It was such a fun night with (almost) all the gang and no one regretted the epic queueing for tickets one bit! I loved my first May Ball and don't doubt that I'll be returning next year to see in summer in style all over again!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May dipping.

There's been one question echoing around the cobbled streets of my little university town recently:

"Are you May Dipping?"

We have a few odd traditions up here but the May Dip is definitely one of the craziest. Every year at sunrise on the first of May, thousands of students gather on the beach and run into the sea - the North Sea. As in, that very cold, very grey sea.

It's crazy, bizarre but its a tradition and so as a super keen fresher, I just had to take part!
The Gaudie

The celebrations start at 8:30 the previous night with The Gaudie, a torchlit procession in academic gowns through town and down the pier. Personally I take any chance to wear my gown! I tell people it's to make sure I get my money's worth but really I just love pretending I'm in Harry Potter!

Isn't it beautiful?!

Hogwarts aside, it's a pretty impressive sight to see so many scarlet clad students walking together especially with torches provided by the boys of the Kate Kennedy club. The bagpipes added to the ceremony of the whole thing and it was pretty atmospheric being out on the pier as the sun was going down...

Vish & Edwin modelling those beautiful gowns

Holly in true Hogwarts style

After The Gaudie it was back to halls to prepare for what we knew would be a long night! We headed into town to a couple of parties before returning to halls, where I'm afraid to say Imogen, Angharad and I gave in and decided a power nap was the only way! Fast forward to 4:30am and we were not loving the idea of being woken up by our friends insisting it was time to head out!

We eventually decided we would regret it if we didn't make it so walked as fast as we could across town to the beach. Unfortunately we were just too late for sunrise (serves us right for being lazy I guess!) but we stripped down to our bikinis nonetheless, ran squealing into the sea, splashed about, ran out and dressed more quickly than I think I ever have!

We did it!

The water may have been freezing, we may have been sleepy and more sober than many, but it was one of those memories that will always stay with me, and quite frankly I can't wait till next time May Day comes around.

Will I be May Dipping? You bet.

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